Wednesday, February 10, 2010


For most people means "Yey! No school! No work! An excuse to stay cozy indoors, a do-nothing/bake/ read/relax kinda day."
But not for me! :)) while I was maxing out my heart rate (down my basement on my treadmill), the anchorman on the t.v was telling people, "Make an in-dent in your couch" (yes, his exact words). Warning people to stay off the roads and remain indoors. Granted, we are technically in a "state of emergency" and there are blizzard-like conditions out there right now, but I had to laugh to myself (in my head, because certainly laughing was not an option, as I was gasping for air).

drive-way (post 3 rounds of shoveling)

our back deck

So for ME, a snow day means... treadmill, and trainer... no pool (but my psychic coach decided to give me this day off from swim), and plenty of opportunity to get some good hard work in (jump squats and jump rope included). Add three roungs of shoveling the driveway... and there's my "strength session" for the day.  So really, the workout component is not a-typical.

BUT snow day also means workouts don't need to be scheduled and squeezed into days also filled with work and normal every-day activities... So, YES!, I too have more time to ...

bake (cream cheese brownies, Momma O's special recipe!)

... blog

... board games/ RECOVER (w good eats, thanks to my gourmet Dad)
mahi mahi enchiladas w tomatillo sauce!mmmm...

... relax (AND RECOVER more)

(food coma) -- hey coach, notice the compression sox!
So I too like to lounge on snow-days. I am more than happy knowing I put in some hard earn my dent in the couch!

Yey, for snow-days!

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  1. First thing I noticed in the last pic were the compression socks. Do you really notice a difference when you where them?