Tuesday, September 22, 2009

changin perspectives!

Exactly one week ago today I completed my first "real" swim workout. When I saw it on my training schedule, I almost fell over. Then I saw 2 more workouts - similar in yardage later on that week- and knew I was reading correctly, and would have to get use to spending more than 30-40 minutes in the water "training" for the swim.
Prior to those workouts last week, my "workouts" consisted of swimming laps in my grandmother's pool - for a time/distance that I thought (total estimation) equaled 1500 meters. No mixed strokes, no drills, no sets --- just laps.
Pretty pathetic, I know, but when it came to racing, my goal for the swim had still been to "just survive it."

Not any moreee!
Now I'm focused on actually learning how to swim well, how to swim fast, and how to compete with the "swimmers" in the sport.

So after a week of workouts of twice the normal yardage, today I was granted an "easy" swim workout, just 2500 yds.
And - here's the crazy part- after only a week of doing real workouts in the pool with real distances, today's workout DID feel easy!  I was almost tempted to stay in the pool and do a little more (I had the time- I finished this workout so quick) butttt then remembered what my training schedule looks like for the rest of this week and decided to conserve each and every ounce of energy I have.

But ME actually wanting to stay in a swim workout longer than required is unbelievable/amazing/INSPIRING!

I hope I have the same motivation on hour 3 of my brick on Thursday (after a big swim)

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