Sunday, September 27, 2009


Made it through a full week of hard (harder than I've ever attempted) training, and ready for another.  Each day is a new challenge, each day is a new opportunity.
I challenge my body.  Sometimes it responds favorably, sometimes (like today) not.  I learned today that I cannot "sprint" to save my life.  I have no speed. Which means I DO have a challenge to conquer.  That is the beauty of this sport.  It's is completely humbling.
I might have thought that running was my strength.  Today I found that I am a decent runner, but I lack a major component - short-burst speed.
This humbles me, but does not discourage me.
All of the success I can and (I believe) will have in this sport will be earned through a lot of intense, hard work.    Too often, in life, people believe that they do one thing correctly, or well, and are therefor entitled to reap the benefits.  Hence, the state of our current economy, but that is another topic for another blog entirely.

Earned success is the most rewarding. The harder you work, the better it feels when the goal is achieved.
I intend to feel AMAZING when I can consider myself successful in (and along the way) in this journey.

To more hard work tomorrow.
:) AO

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