Sunday, November 8, 2009

So, Off-season

I don't really get it yet.  But, oh well.  I only have a few hours left  (and I'm not complaining about that, coach)
I've done lots of random, fun things ---- a lot of time spent cheering for my Phils.

I've also played racqetball with my uncle (who schoooooled me every time - yes, Diane, there is something that I stink at-  ) I was able to run all over the court, but hit the ball,... and with any accuracy... ummm, no. The problem is (I am going to tell myself) is that I *think* too much.  Every ball, I'm wondering:  "How many times has the ball hit the wall?"  "Did I hit it last?" "How many times has the ball bounced?"  "Am I going to nail someone in the head if I swing at this ball?" ... wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too much info for my brain to process in less than 1-2 seconds.  I give TONS of credit to batters at home plate in the NLB who have a less than .6 seconds to react.

  Nonetheless, I don't play in the NLB, I torture myself MINDLESSLLY apparently --- which makes it crazy and understandable all at the same time ;)
I wish I had pics of racquetball because the attire is ammmmmazzing (must wear safety glasses)  but no such luck. 
For now you'll have to be bored with pics of me resuming my training. 
Time to get back on the horse... slowly but surely.
BIG goals for next year, means BIG efforts.

Stay tuned. Promise there will be lots of BIG stories of living, learning, and everything in between.
But just before we get at 2010,
MUCH love to the people that have inspired me and made 2009 possible, which include:

- AO

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