Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The (happy) ending of a chapter

First a quick race report:  This weekend I returned to the race that was my final (and at that time, only third) race of 2008 - Orlando Womens Triathlon.  I did it then for the same reason I chose to do it this year - an excuse to visit my boyfriend and have him at a race without (him) having to hop on a plane.  This year's race also had an additional motive:  to end the season with a second and*complete* Olympic distance race.  The DNF in Dallas left a sour taste in my mouth, and I didn't like it.  After working so hard, especially in the second half of this season, I did not want to let a negative race experience tarnish the memories of 2009.  Nor did I want it to discourage me from going full-throttle into 2010.  I love the feeling you get when you cross the finish line of a triathlon, one of ultimate achievement, fulfillment, success!  I needed to feel that one last time.

I did.  And I enjoyed every second of it!

the 4 am car ride...

who wouldn't want to swim in this lake at dawn, gorgeous!

exiting the swim...

and the finish!

That's me running toward the finish line.   I won the race, which was nice considering last year I came in second by less than a second.
More importantly, I had my best swim, bike and run splits.  All were significantly faster than my times in Chicago (my only other Olympic distance race) and allowed me to win by a gap of 15 minutes! - ahead of the second place girl.
It is very satisfying to know that all of the hard, new training is definitely paying off.  It has propelled me onto another level (as demonstrated by the 15 minute win margin).
That next level is where I want to be!  So, off-season, here I come!!!

But not before a little fun first ;)

some post race pics:

still sweaty, but a happy finish.

        then clean, and happy.  Time to have some fun!

and so I play!

and play some more!

it was a lonnnggg day of happiness and playing.

But soooo worth it.  Couldn't imagine a better commencement to an eventful season :)

This weekend marked the official end of my 2009 (first full) race season. It was a great season filled with TONS of new experiences.  I've made so many new friends - expanded my ever-growing support system- traveled to two new parts of the country, learned so much about the sport and soooooo much about myself.
It is hard to imagine only 5 months ago I was still just recovering from a broken collar bone and considering not racing at all this season!

Now the plans are to put in an awesome effort over the next 5 months and go in to 2010 season as fit as ever and race among the elites, with the goal of professional racing by 2011.  This seems like a very accelerated and pretty ambitious goal -especially among triathletes, who know that triathlon is a sport that requires time and maturity (in racing).  The name of the game is longevity. 
And I intend to race in triathlon for decades.  Yet, I know that now is the time in my life that I can really push my body and my mind to their maximums and have fun chasing my dreams. 
Right now I have the fitness, time, support and drive.   Right now I have the confidence that my dreams are attainable.

Here's to the next chapter.


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