Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sushi says it all

To top off a weekend of great training efforts, some great recovery grub - sushi!

Now I could list all of the things I love about sushi, but anyone who is a sushi fan would be bored, and all those who aren't would probably be disgusted.  One thing, I think everyone likes- and are intrigued by- are fortune cookies.
And tonight mine was perfect: "Be the labor great or small... Do it well or not at all!"

Whenever I train, I try to stay positive and motivated by repeating quotes.  The sources of the quotes are diverse.  But this is definitely one worth repeating.  During those times on the trainer in the basement, when you're not sure if you'll make it back up the steps if you do another interval, during that time during your run when you only have a mile or more to go, but your legs suddenly say "no" and begin to fill with lead, while you stare at the clock quickly tick away those 10 seconds of rest between 100 meter sprints in the pool, when you feel like your heart might pop out of your chest if you push for that last meter/mph/negative split.
Whenever it may be for you - tomorrow when you train think to yourself:
Do it well or not at all!

This week will be a bit less intense for me, getting ready to head to Dallas on Friday.  This week will be all about mental focus, controlling nerves and staying present in the moment.  It's going to be a challenge- on all fronts - I know, because I am already struggling with the "present in the moment" piece missing the temporary training partner - who also provided lots of non-training fun to keep me balanced and so happy last week. 

Nonetheless I will use these positive thoughts to keep me going, focused, and reminded of why I do this.  Watching kids in the stands with Jimmy Rollins jerseys on cheer as he makes the play at first base, is so motivating.  That kid is thinking he wants to be "just like Jimmy Rollins when he grows up" and may be someday he'll be able to run as fast as him, or hit as hard as him. I want to inspire people interested in triathlon in the same way.  I want them to think, "if she can do it, I can do it."  Truly, I believe, anyone can.  Follow your dreams - whether they involve sport or not.  If you are true to yourself and  true to your discipline, you will inspire someone! 

--- and then you can create the quote that someone might repeat to them self.  For now I'm sticking with my "fortune"

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  1. Ashley dear, Just remember, everyone has a guardian angel (yes really). So remember when something seems undoable, help it at hand. Good Luck and much love.